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The bearing installation has close relationships with the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore the design and assembly departments should fully research into the bearing installation.

It is better to implement installation according to the operation standard. The items of the operation standard are usually as follows:

1.Clean bearing and its related parts

2. Check the size and finishing conditions of the related parts

3. Installation

4. Examine bearings after installation

5. Feed the lubricant

The bearing packing should be opened shortly before installation. There is no need for cleaning to ordinary lubricating grease lubrication, direct-filling of lubricating grease or lubricating oil. Whereas it should use the clean oil to rinse the instrument purpose bearing or high speed purpose bearing etc. and get rid of the anti-rusting agent on the bearing. The bearing easily gets rusty without rust inhibitor. Therefore special care should be taken to such kind of the bearing.

What is more, the bearing which has been sealed with lubricating grease can be put into direct use with no cleaning at all.

The installation methods of the bearing vary according to the difference in the bearing structure, matching, condition. As it is mostly of axle rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit. The cylindrical bore bearing is commonly pressed in by pressing machine or most probably, it adopts the heat installation method. The taper hole can be directly installed in the taper axle or by sleeving.

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